3 September 2015
Web Design

How Good Web Design Influences Consumer Behavior


Good Web design is one of the most powerful tools in a sales person’s inventory. You can see the effect of good Web design in supermarkets where people spend millions of dollars testing to find exactly the right place to position their products. Good Web design influences shopper behavior, and placing products in the right location increases sales.

Convinced design decisions can support your visitors to spend more money, to buy more products or services, and to become a regular customer. We examine some of the ways in which good website design can affect shopper psychology.

Elements of Prominent Website Design

Ease of Use: If your website’s slow or confuse navigation or you make it difficult or if not impossible for people to buy anything. It’s really important to clear in your mind the purchase channel is as simple as possible, so that even the least computer naive visitors can find and buy a product on your website quickly and easily. You’ll find that with each overview, your overall conversion numbers get better, and your withdraw rate decreases.

Theme Color:

Though color psychology is not new to business. Most small business website owners don’t think about it as much as necessary. Blue seems to be the most popular color on the Internet, with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr all using a shade of blue. Prominence out from the mass might imply choosing different colors.

Dominant Copywriting:

Call to actions can make all the difference when it comes to converting visitors to customers and good copy writing can create a sense of economy or sanctuary. Words like “guaranteed” and “security” and “experts” can create a sense of safety in a uncertain customer.

Creating importance:

Many hotel and airline ticket websites use our inherent fear of missing out on a good deal to get people to book reservations. For instance, when you’re examining a certain flight or hotel room, you might notice a small bit of text with a message like “currently being browsed by 7 other travelers” or “only 2rooms left at this price.” Phrases like these are extremely effective at creating a sense of importance, pushing customers to make a booking they are not totally sure about in order to ensure they don’t spend more money on it afterward.

By take up sensitively cognizant design in your website, you can increase the control you have over your visitors’ mindset. It’s important to understand the uniqueness that can make or break the effectiveness of your online investment. An unattractive or poorly built site will do more to hurt your business than to help it.

We’ve just only gives an overview of what makes a website most effectively. However, by following these simple plans, you will be headed in the right direction. Dynamic Solutions is a Web Design Islamabad has created many successful, effective responsive websites and would love the opportunity to do the same for your business. Visit our section on website design and development for more information, or send us an e-mail.

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